Brianna Richard

With a Master's in Education, Brianna Richard is both a teacher and a contributor to Hoodline South Bay. Brianna is a mom, a Bay Area Native, and a foodie - meaning she knows her stuff when it comes to the best eats in the Bay.

Apr 09, 2021
San Jose

The 15 best dim sum places to try in the South Bay

A meal that can only be shared, dim sum comes family-style with an assortment of dumplings, bao, rice rolls, and other handcrafted treats, and the South Bay is home to many of the region's top dim sum destinations. Read More

Mar 19, 2021
San Jose

The 14 best poke bowl spots in the South Bay / San Jose

By a factor of four, California has the largest population of Pacific Islanders on the Continental USA, per the U.S. Census. It's no surprise that poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish which has evolved over generations into something of a Hawaiian-Japanese fusion, is a staple throughout the South Bay. Read More

Mar 09, 2021
San Jose

The 16 best bánh mì spots in San Jose and the South Bay

Influenced by the French, the Vietnamese created a unique sandwich which has gained a cult-like following in cities around the world. And because the South Bay has one of the largest populations of Vietnamese in the world outside of Vietnam, it's no wonder that the area has many of the best banh mi spots you can find anywhere. Read More