Mike Gaworecki

Mike Gaworecki is a writer, musician, and Lower Haighter.

Jul 27, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Lower Haight History: Haight & Fillmore's Shoe Repair Shop

The recently vacated space at 473 Haight was home to a cobbler in the early 20th century. Read More

Jul 08, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Lower Haight Cannabis Dispensary Good Fellows Closes For Good

The neighborhood's only dispensary and smoke shop has vacated 473 Haight St. Read More

Jul 01, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

When Is That WalkStop Going In At Haight & Fillmore?

Submit a story of Lower Haight history to be included in the project. Read More

Jun 26, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Far-Out New Show At FIFTY24SF Showcases Local Blotter Art Collection

“Take It Acid Is” will feature key examples from the Institute of Illegal Images. Read More

Jun 18, 2015
Jun 16, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Aline’s Closet Celebrates 5 Years In Business With Seine-Themed Party

The Lower Haight's tiniest made-to-order clothing shop will have a Parisian theme for its anniversary bash. Read More

Jun 05, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Two Lower Haight DJs Can't Stop Pushing The Feeling

Local DJs who founded the night of music and dancing have put together their dream lineup. Read More

May 20, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Two Jack’s Wants To Add Parklet, Poetry To Haight & Webster

Owner Nikki Cooper hopes to beautify the block and provide a safe seating area for the community. Read More

May 08, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Meet Bearpants, A Hidden Lower Haight Business

Lower Haight resident Micah Stone wants to bring fleece pants to the masses (and clear off his couch). Read More

May 07, 2015
San Francisco Civic Center Lower Haight

New Photo Exhibit Offers Glimpse Into Lives Of SF Ballet’s Prima Ballerinas

A new Harvey Milk Photo Center exhibit showcases ballerinas balancing the demands of family and work. Read More

Apr 30, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight Union Square

Brazilian Duo Bringing First U.S. Solo Show To Fifty24SF

The duo's signature style pays homage to '80s aesthetics and pop iconography. Read More

Apr 10, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Kate’s Kitchen Now Serving Up Live Music With Dinner

Happy hour specials and live music are now on offer alongside the popular breakfast spot's dinner service. Read More

Apr 05, 2015
San Francisco

Should You Be Worried About Air Pollution In Your Neighborhood?

The city makes plenty of data available for you to decide for yourself. Read More

Apr 03, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

New FIFTY24SF Show Features Work Of Airbrush Artist Hajime Sorayama

Gallery director Trevor Martin calls the show, which opens tomorrow night, a highlight of his career. Read More

Mar 31, 2015
San Francisco Duboce Triangle Lower Haight

New Harvey Milk Photo Center Shows Highlight Maori, Maritime Perspectives

Three new photo exhibits explore California coastlines, San Francisco seascapes and New Zealand natives. Read More

Mar 20, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

New Haight & Fillmore Mural Represents Neighborhood's Past And Present

The painting process was not without complications: "Thirty seconds with a spray can set us back a couple days." Read More

Mar 18, 2015
San Francisco

Ordinance To Protect San Francisco’s Music Venues Makes Headway

“Music and culture are too important to let us keep losing these cherished venues." Read More

Mar 18, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Update: Cafe International's Open Mic Night Will Go On

"They want us to shut it down, but I'm not going to shut it down," said cafe owner Zahra Saleh. Read More

Mar 11, 2015
Mar 05, 2015
Mar 01, 2015
San Francisco

For Local Bands, Noise Pop Is More Than Just Another Gig

In our final installment looking at Noise Pop, we spoke with Cathedrals, Geographer and Giraffage about the fest. Read More

Feb 26, 2015
San Francisco Divisadero

Noise Pop Returns To Its Roots At 628 Divisadero

As Noise Pop heads to The Independent, talent buyer Eric Thomas Barleen shares what he's looking forward to most. Read More

Feb 19, 2015
San Francisco Hayes Valley Lower Haight

An Update On Haight Street Traffic Lights, Curb Line Changes, Repaving And More

There's plenty afoot in terms of transportation and road work in the neighborhood in the nearish future. Read More

Feb 17, 2015
San Francisco Lower Haight

Emmanuel Cafe Is Now Open For Business

The Lower Haight's newest addition is now serving up coffee, omelettes, pupusas and more. Read More