El Faro Opens, SF Marathon Runs Past It

El Faro Opens, SF Marathon Runs Past It
By Amy Stephenson - Published on July 30, 2012.
Two things: El Faro is open for business, and we have some shots of yesterday's marathon.

At long last, El Faro is here, in the space that used to house the ill-fated El Balazo at 1654 Haight. We snapped a shot of their menu for you so you can start planning your attack (click photo for large):
Second, if you missed the action, action, ACTION, the marathon came through town yesterday. Mile 19 started just inside Golden Gate Park, and runners headed east down Haight. Several runners, even those in the faster corrals, stopped to snap photos of each other in front of the Haight/Ashbury sign, which was sort of endearing.
Haight was reopened to traffic by about 12. Also, we spied this beauty parked near Clayton Street this morning.
Paging the owner of Creeps, the owner of Creeps to the white courtesy phone, please. We need to know all about your wheels. Tell us: [email protected]