Is This SF's Smallest Available Apartment?

Is This SF's Smallest Available Apartment?
By Hayeswire - Published on November 16, 2013.
On the positive side, the location is fantastic. On the negative side... everything else.

Curbed spotted this studio apartment at 539 Octavia (at Ivy), currently listed on Craigslist. The "cozy" apartment measures a minuscule 280 square feet, which Curbed says makes it the smallest apartment available for rent in SF. It features a "small refrigerator" and a "brand new convection/microwave oven," neither of which is pictured in the ad. However, we do get glimpses of an ADA-compliant shower and a tiny sliver of a kitchen.
This little gem will run you a ballsy $1950 a month. If you're interested in seeing it in person, there's an open house tomorrow from noon to 1pm.