All You Knead Available For Lease

All You Knead Available For Lease
Photo: Amy Stephenson/HoodlineSF
By Amy Stephenson - Published on March 29, 2014.
Today in Nobody Saw That Coming, the long-abandoned and semi-derelict All You Knead cafe is up for rent on Craigslist. 

Remember March of 2013? That's when All You Knead closed down for "a month or two," purportedly to perform renovations then reopen under the same name with an Asian focus. 

Well, time makes fools of us all. Now, a year and a month later, the restaurant appeared on the commercial listings section of Craigslist.  

According to the ad, they're in the middle of a complete seismic retrofit, and the previous owners gutted all the kitchen equipment. Observe:

The 2000 square-foot space is going for $12,000/month, and they're hoping to be finished with the retrofit by May 1st. Any takers?