Dog Waste Bag Stations To Debut Soon

Dog Waste Bag Stations To Debut Soon
Photo: Amy Stephenson/HoodlineSF
By Amy Stephenson - Published on April 05, 2014.
Last year, HAMA put forth a proposal to get dog waste management stations installed along Haight Street. Finally, there's been some progress on the project.

As it stands now, the Haight still has only one dog waste cleanup station (and it needs your bag donations). Back in November, we told you about a project to get six more dog bag stations installed to supplement the station outside FTC. The project would cost $5,000, and the stations were to be installed at:
  • Stanyan and Haight, northeast 
  • Shrader and Haight, southeast 
  • Cole and Haight, northwest 
  • Clayton and Haight, southeast 
  • Ashbury and Haight, northwest 
  • Masonic and Haight, southwest
We checked in with HAMA and they told us that the DPW has finished the stations, and the Shop Supervisor will be at the sites this week to to plan for the installation process. They expect to have them installed "within the next couple of weeks."

The initial plan is for that the first year, the city will be responsible for keeping the stations both free of graffiti and stocked with bags, possibly through the Bureau of Street Environmental Services. They'll monitor the cost with the help of HAMA.

However, some local merchants, like Kent Uyehara of FTC Skate Shop, have pointed out the problems inherent to installing stations with no clear plan for upkeep or stocking past the first year.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on when the stations are put in, as well as how they fare once dog owners begin using them.