Checking In On The Haight's Goodwill Remodel

Checking In On The Haight's Goodwill Remodel
Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on July 10, 2014.
The Great Goodwill Remodel of 2014 is about at its halfway point, so we thought we'd check in on the progress and get a tour of the new space. 
As a reminder, they're still taking donations, and they still have about a third of the space selling clothes and housewares. The two-thirds of the space that's been under construction is cordoned off with black plastic. 

Behind the curtain, they've got fresh paint, new floors, and an upgraded ceiling:

Possibly most exciting of all, the new Goodwill has a sleek new counter near the door where the future registers will go. So long, weird register box where you can never tell where the line is supposed to be!

The employee we spoke to said it'll be another two weeks or more until everything is completed. So far, lookin' good. If you have a chance to peek in next time you're near Haight & Cole, it's strangely transcendent to stare into the huge, clean, empty space that used to comprise the bulk of their sales floor. We highly recommend it.