Scenes From The Marathon

Scenes From The Marathon
Photo: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
By Andrew Dudley - Published on July 27, 2014.
This morning, the SF Marathon once again trotted its way around – and through – the city.

Starting near the Ferry Building, the race wound its way across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, through the Presidio, and south to Golden Gate Park, before shooting eastward through our neck of the woods.  By the time the runners reached us, they were already more than halfway done with the course; the eastern end of the park marked 19 miles into the full 26.2-mile race.

That's where Hoodline photographers Beth Thomas, Kevin Kelleher, and Andrew Dudley began capturing the scene early this morning, starting with the elite runners emerging from the park around 7am, and finishing in the late morning near Buchanan as the race wound down.

Here are some of our pics of the race, from west to east.

Here's 29-year-old Anna Bretan of Berkeley, who went on to win the women's race:

We spotted Hoodline's own Phil Kast, developer of our iPhone app (which you should definitely download):

The bubble stroller was in full effect at the corner of Haight and Ashbury:

On the right is 29-year-old August Brautigam of Reno, who went on to win the men's race.

At Scott Street some runners were diverted onto Waller...

...while others continued down Haight:

Finally, upon reaching Buchanan, the runners turned south and headed toward the Mission and destinations beyond.

The race cleared out of our neighborhoods by noon, and if you slept late today, you might have missed the whole thing. Which would be a shame – it was a fun scene.

Until next year!