Hayes Valley Leftovers: Oxenrose Makeover, Man of the Year Contest, More

Hayes Valley Leftovers: Oxenrose Makeover, Man of the Year Contest, More
Photo: Oxenrose/Facebook
By Rose Garrett - Published on October 11, 2014.
As always, it's been a busy time on Hayes Valley's retail circuit, and we've got some tasty tidbits on what's new in the neighborhood. 

First off, Racked SF has declared newish shop Amour Vert the "buzziest newcomer" of the year, citing the shop's "thoughtful, Earth-friendly process" and calling it "a beautiful place to buy eco-conscious sportswear." Congrats, Amour Vert! (437 Hayes)

Racked also brings word that although Convert Man opened up shop in August, the store will be holding a grand opening party on November 12th, at which point Convert will also announce the winner of its Man of the Year contest, which aims to celebrate men making a positive difference. "This is all about highlighting the local dudes who are bettering our community or world in one way or another," reads Convert's website, which is where you'll go to nominate that fantastic fellow in your life (the winner will wear a sash!). (556 Hayes)

Hayes Valley soon may not be able to boast the only Smitten Ice Cream location within city limits, as the New Fillmore brings word that Smitten has snatched up a space at California and Fillmore. Looks like more liquid nitrogen Brrr machines are on the way. (2404 California) 

As of this coming Monday, 20-year-old Oxenrose Salon will be no more—but the salon's stylists and services will remain. What gives? Turns out that owner Hockkee Yeo is retiring, and taking the Oxenrose name with him. The salon has new owners and will now be called Taylor / Monroe, but "all of Oxenrose’s talented stylists, quality of service and cool hip salon atmosphere will continue on," according to salon manager Wilmer Balmocena. (448 Grove)

And finally, did you happen to see an "Internet suggestion box" 'round the neighborhood recently? We missed it, but according to ProPublica, "two bearded young men in skinny jeans" installed the box in a local parklet as part of a mysterious national campaign by what appears to be telecom industry interests involved in the ongoing net neutrality battle. So, now you know. 

That's all folks! Enjoy the weekend, and may it be a long one.