VIDEOS: Watch The District 8 Candidates Stump

VIDEOS: Watch The District 8 Candidates Stump
By Roy - Published on October 20, 2014.
We're getting close to the November 4th election, and local voters are preparing to cast their votes for the District 8 Supervisor position. 

In partnership with the San Francisco chapter of the League of Women voters, SFGovTV ran candidate forums for candidates throughout San Francisco running for state and local offices, including the District 8 candidates. If our District 8 candidate questionnaire seemed a bit overwhelming, perhaps some short videos from each candidate running for District 8 Supervisor might be easier to digest?

We'll go in alphabetical order by last name:

George Davis

John Nulty

Michael Petrelis

Scott Wiener (incumbent)

We heard a lot about what voters care about when we asked readers for questions they'd like to pose the candidates, and we've heard back from some of the candidates directly about their positions.  

No matter whose views you favor and who you're leaning towards in next month's election, don't forget to vote! If you're new to town or need a refresher, here's how to find out the location of your polling place.