Sarvi Closed, 'Tikka Masala Pizza' On The Way

Sarvi Closed, 'Tikka Masala Pizza' On The Way
Photo: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on November 04, 2014.
There's a new development in the ongoing saga of 1668 Haight St. (the former Tikka Masala space, currently Sarvi). 
Late last week, the space was papered over and some signs were taped up advertising that a "Tikka Masala Pizza" would be coming soon. This seemed especially curious given that back in August the space was taken over by "new owners" and reopened as Sarvi.  

Sarvi has been open for about 75 days total, and now appears to be turning into another Tikka Masala iteration. 

To catch you up on the storied history of the space, the building went on sale about a year ago. It spent six months on the market, and then the owners changed direction and tried to sell the business while retaining the building. That effort lasted about four months, and the business abruptly opened back up again under a new name and with a fresh coat of paint. 

Last time, it was selling for $99K. Now, there's an active listing for the business asking $89K (or $8,400 per month), with the sellers described as "motivated." The listing says that the current owners have owned the business since 2007. Hmmm. 

We'll keep an eye on the potential Indian pizza situation.