So Long, So Good Jewelry

So Long, So Good Jewelry
Photo: Amy Stephenson/Hoodline
By Amy Stephenson - Published on November 13, 2014.
Last December, So Good Jewelry at Haight & Belvedere cut its space in half, moved into the eastern half, and put the corner lot up for rent. Up for grabs until July, the corner spot was claimed by the Tibetan Gift Shop's summer expansion

This week, with little fanfare, So Good Jewelry closed up shop and papered over its windows. So Good was known mostly for glittery costume jewelry, but also a gradually greening awning, and an extreme suspicion of potential shoplifters, as reported by customers of the shop.  

Since the shop downsized, it appeared that the shop had little foot traffic, perhaps due to the Haight's abundance of new and used apparel shops on the street. Sway, Ambiance, Diamond Supply Co., the many vintage stores, and Piedmont Boutique are all viable options for sparkly adornments. 

So far, the space isn't listed for lease, but we'll keep you posted if 1645 Haight St. goes on the market. 

Also vacant this week: the bike rental shop at 1669 Haight St., which, as we reported back in August, is for lease. That space is still up for grabs at $9,760 per month.

It's been quite a year of turnover for Haight Street retail, with no sign that the storefront shuffles will slow down anytime soon. As always, we'll let you know what's next.