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Published on December 11, 2014
Area Q Parking Zone Details Still Under DebateSFMTA Sustainable Streets via
The ever-controversial issue of Area Q is still, months later, open for debate. As a reminder, the proposed neighborhood parking permit could institute big changes for residents of 66 blocks around Alamo Square, NoPa, Divisadero and more. 
On November 10th, a large community meeting was held between SFMTA, the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association (ASNA) , the North of the Panhandle Neighborhood Association, London Breed's office and neighborhood residents to discuss the pros and cons of the changes. 

At a recent ASNA meeting, president Gus Hernandez announced many changes to the Area Q proposal based on issues voiced during the November 10th meeting. The concerns raised were big enough that the SFMTA is re-doing much of its work and will soon announce a second community meeting for early 2015. 

One of the biggest concerns raised was the enforcement of two-hour parking along all edges of the Panhandle and Alamo Square, an area which is often used by residents to park their cars. Oak and Fell in particular offer a swath of parking that residential streets can't support. By making this area two-hour for everyone, residents are concerned they'll lose a huge amount of neighborhood parking.

The solution put forth by SFMTA is to scrap this idea, with the exception of two blocks near Alamo Square: Hayes between Steiner and Pierce and Steiner between Grove and Pierce Hayes would be two-hour parking even if you have a residential permit, but the rest of the street parking would be open game to residents. (The above map is the old Area Q proposal, but we'll let you know when there's an updated one available.)

Another issue was the "no-man's land" created by Area Q and Area S—an area that wouldn't be covered by either residential permit parking zone. Residents at Page and Haight, east of Masonic and west of Webster have rallied more than 50 percent of neighbors per block to agree to join in on Area Q's permit party. 

Similarly, three blocks of Lyon Street south of the Panhandle have also opted in to residential permit parking. Lyon from Oak to Haight will now also be included in the new Area Q, and will be the only street directly south of the Panhandle aside from Oak Street to do so. (UPDATE: Apparently their request has been denied, over creation of an "island.")

At the ASNA meeting, many concerns were raised about the intricate details of Area Q. Is the $110 parking fee rolling, or for the calendar year? Are there disabled discounts? And do residents with more than one car per household but a garage need to apply for waivers? The community feedback showed that the Area Q proposal still has a lot more details to address. 

The next community meeting is very tentatively scheduled for January 9th, though we'll update you once we get confirmation from SFMTA. They will also send a mailing out to everyone in the area affected, and will post signs around the neighborhood just as they did last time.