Lower Haight Leftovers And Weekend Planner

Lower Haight Leftovers And Weekend Planner
Photo: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
By Andrew Dudley - Published on January 23, 2015.

Congratulations, you've made it to Friday. Let's start this party right, beginning with some local events on the calendar this weekend.

Tonight, Mad Dog in the Fog (530 Haight) hosts a '90s TGIF Party, featuring free jello shots, board games, food and drink specials, and music by DJs Nico and J. Train. The free party starts at 9pm and runs until the bar closes at 2am.

Tomorrow night, Underground SF (424 Haight) will be the site of a K!nky Valentine's Party, courtesy of P-Kok. A dozen lingerie models will be strutting their stuff in a fashion show, while artist John Benko will be live painting, all as various DJs spin hip-hop and house music. It starts at 9pm, and is free before 11pm ($5+ thereafter).

If you like art and coffee, head to Bean There (201 Steiner) and check out the latest art installation, which debuted at the cafe on Sunday. It's a collection of photos from Nepal, dubbed "The 6ix Perfections," curated by local resident Brent Hogarth.

Also, this weekend's scheduled Sunset Tunnel track work, which has disrupted N-Judah service on several recent weekends, has been unexpectedly canceled for undisclosed reasons. So it'll be a regular weekend schedule for the ol' N.

And in other news...

Yesterday, Squat and Gobble marked 21 years since its original location opened right here in the Lower Haight, at 237 Fillmore Street. We can only imagine how many crepes they've cranked out over the decades. Congrats on the milestone, Squatters and Gobblers.

Meanwhile, Ming Yao H. Chinese restaurant (525 Haight) has rolled out a new menu with lower prices on a variety of dishes. For example, the meatless chicken options have all seen a price chop of 75 cents, and the seafood items have each dropped a dollar. 

If you're planning on hosting a Super Bowl party next weekend, Wing Wings has you covered. The wingsters are offering both a la carte options and party packs of wings, sides, biscuits and more. Pre-ordering is definitely encouraged — visit wingwingssf.com for details.

Got a guest coming to visit, and don't want them sleeping on your couch? Consider steering them to this carriage house, built in 1883, that's tucked away behind 833 Haight Street. We recently spotted the listing for this 1 bed, 1.5 bath 2-floor hideaway, replete with a front porch and private garden. The only catch? It'll set you back a cool $450 a night.

And finally, speaking of expensive real estate, remember 39 Lloyd Street, the single-family home that hit the market back in May of last year for $4.7 million? Well, turns out it finally sold in December — for a mere $3.495 million.