Nominate A Local Do-Gooder To Be Featured On Hoodline

Nominate A Local Do-Gooder To Be Featured On Hoodline
Photo: Thorsten Bonsch/Flickr
By Rose Garrett - Published on October 26, 2015.

Jack-o-lanterns are out, Thanksgiving food drives are in effect, winter holidays are fast approaching—and our thoughts are turning once again towards the people and organizations who've worked to make a difference in our neighborhoods this year. 

Last year, we asked readers to recommend non-profits, community organizations, small businesses, local superheroes or good Samaritans for us to write about on Hoodline. Based on your nominations, we interviewed Vallie Brown, community activist and legislative aide to Supervisor London Breed; Amy Farrah Weiss, YIMBY activist and current mayoral candidate; and peer support organization the GLBT National Help Center.

Know of other individual do-gooders, community-serving businesses or organizations that deserve recognition? Just send an email to tips [at] hoodline {{dot}} com by Friday, November 13th with the basic details about your nominee(s) and why you love them so, or leave a comment below. The only requirement is that the organization, its services, or at least some of its members must be based in our coverage area of the city (see a list of neighborhoods on the right-hand bar, here.)

Depending on how many responses we get, we'll either put the nominees up for a public vote, or we'll let our editors decide which businesses to profile. Then, you can come back in November to read all about 'em.