UC Hastings Students Continue Youth Trick-Or-Treating Tradition This Friday

UC Hastings Students Continue Youth Trick-Or-Treating Tradition This Friday
Photos: UC Hastings College of Law 
By Blair Czarecki - Published on October 27, 2015.

For decades, UC Hastings College of Law has transformed its residential tower at 100 McAllister St. into an unconventional trick-or-treat experience for Tenderloin youth. A building manager started the tradition in the '80s, we're told, but no one on campus seems to remember exactly when it first took place.

"I still don't have an answer as to when everything began," said Ryan Brodovsky, the internal vice president of the university's student government, who volunteered to oversee the event last year. "2006 was the first instance where it was mentioned on the internet, and after talking to some folks, it had been going strong in 1994 but was not in existence in 1981." 

Youth participate in festive activities before trick-or-treating begins.

Regardless of its hazy history, Brodovsky plans to keep the tradition alive with another celebration from 3pm-5pm this Friday, Oct. 30th. The festivities will begin in the student lounge, where youth participate in various Halloween-oriented activities"We really vamp it out, put out a lot of decorations and Halloween spirit in that room," Brodovsky said. 

Youth are then led by student volunteers up and down the tower's decorated hallways, going dorm room to dorm room to receive candy and the occasional scare from participating law students. Once their sacks are full, the event culminates back in the lounge, where children can swap candy and mingle with their friends and families.

A group of children trick-or-treating through the halls of the dorm.

Now on his second year participating, Brodovsky hopes to make this and future events even better than in previous years.

"Many of the organizations in the community are big fans [of the event], and I'm happy and glad to be able to provide that unique service," he said. "Hopefully we will get some very interesting people to continue the tradition year-to-year."

The guest list for this year's trick-or-treat is currently at capacity and they won't be able to accept walk-ins, Brodovsky said, but he's optimistic that future collaborations will enable them to extend the event to even more neighbors next year.

Anyone interested in learning more about the annual trick-or-treat or donating to the university's stash of decorations and candy for Friday can contact Ryan Brodovsky at intvp {at} uchastings {dot} edu.