Threatening Anti-Tech Flyers Appear On Divis

Threatening Anti-Tech Flyers Appear On Divis
Photos: Nuala Sawyer/Hoodline
By Rose Garrett - Published on November 20, 2015.

Over a dozen flyers have appeared on signposts along lower Divisadero Street, invoking anti-tech-worker language and signed by queer activist group Gay Shame SF.

The posters employ a '90s collage aesthetic; one features Sarah Slocum of last year's infamous Google Glass kerfuffle at Molotov's (remember her?), and another—apparently in reference to a June prison-themed Kink.com party—calls out  Kink.com CEO Peter Acworth with the message, "There are no prisons (or brogrammer luxury condos) in a queer paradise."

"Nobody cares about your tech job," reads another, echoing the same flyer spotted in the Mission in September. "Be courteous of others when in public and keep the feral careerism of your collegial banter on mute ... or get mugged."

Back in September, NBC reported that faced with threatening flyers and graffiti, some tech workers "do their best not to stand out in public" and avoid carrying computer bags and wearing clothing with tech company logos.