Myriad Opening In 2016 For Real, With Bar Then Butcher, Additional Stores Coming

Myriad Opening In 2016 For Real, With Bar Then Butcher, Additional Stores Coming
Photos: Brian Ray/Hoodline
By Brian Ray - Published on December 12, 2015.

"What's happening with the opening of the 'Myriad' at Market/15th?" reader BackBone recently asked when we recently requested unsolved mysteries to investigate in the neighborhood. "Last article in September mentioned it was opening by end of month... I walk by it all the time and it still looks very much under construction."

Here's what we found out. 

The Myriad marketplace is finally opening in the high-profile new 2175 Market St location — but next year, according to the management.

In mid-September, we learned of more vendors being added to the existing anchor bar Mrs. Jones and butcher Gambrel & Co. The space was originally projected to open in mid-July and was then postponed to last month.

With both opening dates now passed, and uncertainty about the remaining vendors, we reached out to Myriad management team member Shanan Carney to get updates on the ongoing process of preparing the space, the final list of vendors, and the timetable for opening its doors to the public.

Carney told us that her group has been very busy with other projects and the holiday season, and explained that the process has taken time due to the unique nature of the layout. "Most of the space, itself, is finished, but each vendor has to build out their brand and setup within the space," she said. "It's coming along and we're really excited to showcase everyone when we open to the public."

The list of lined-up vendors includes Gambrel & Co., Mrs. Jones, Shield & HonorThe CRO CafeDashwood Puppy Pâté, and a flower shop, but Carney shared additional details about most of the remaining businesses, some of which were selected during a second round of applications in October and November.

"There will be raw juice, chocolate, BBQ, a local bubble tea company, cellphone repair, and coffee & tea," she told us. "As of now, all 13 spaces are filled."

One of the previously confirmed vendors, New Market Goods, is no longer lined up to be part of the Myriad. Founder Stephen James Kennedy explained that his "Made in Bangladesh" clothing company would not be joining the Myriad due to "operational limitations on our end." 

New benches on Market Street span of Myriad

If you've walked by The Myriad lately, you may have noticed the brightly-colored benches built in on the Market Street side of the building. Carney explained that these were added to liven up the stretch of the street. "We got permission from DPW to add them. They bring useful public space to the area where people can relax and gather."

As we noticed the outdoor benches, we spotted work going on inside, which led us to ask Carney about the new projected opening date. "Our new goal is to open Mrs. Jones near the beginning of the year," she told us. "Gambrel & Co. will follow, and then the other vendors as they finish their spaces."

So there you have it, things are moving along and the opening, while delayed, looks to be planned in stages, with the anchor bar opening first. Stay tuned for more details on a date, a full list of the specific companies moving in, and any work on an opening event. In the meantime, stroll by the space and check out the new seating and overall progress.

And yes we are working on other local unsolved mysteries including the Les Natali business model requested previously. Let us know if you have any details you can share on that, actually.