Coyote Troubles Prompt City Hazing Plan

Coyote Troubles Prompt City Hazing Plan
Photo: Flickr/Calvin Cardenas
By Rose Garrett - Published on March 25, 2016.

We're noted plenty of coyote sightings about the city, from Golden Gate Park to Corona Heights to Telegraph Hill to the greater Haight area. Today, the Examiner reports that San Francisco Animal Care and Control is requesting funds for educational materials and to purchase "hazing instruments" (think whistles, paint guns and motion-activated sprinklers) to condition urban coyotes to be wary of humans. 

There have been 69 coyote sightings reported this year around the city, so far. Last fall, two dogs at Stern Grove were attacked by coyotes, one fatally.

As we noted in our recent guide to coping with coyotes and other urban wildlife, protect pets from coyotes by keeping dogs on a leash and cats indoors. If you encounter a coyote, shouting, tossing sticks and stones, and/or waving your arms are encouraged. (If you do encounter a coyote, help the city keep tabs on them by contacting Animal Care & Control by email at ACC [AT] sfgov [DOT] org or call 415-554-6364.)