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Published on May 13, 2016
Video: SFPD Squad Car Strikes Cyclist At 2nd & MissionA screenshot of the dashcam video that captured the collision.

Yesterday was not a pleasant Bike To Work Day for not one but two downtown cyclists.

Hoodline reader Tim Doyle, 48, was struck by a police car at 5:45pm while riding southbound on Second at Mission—in the street's recently installed bike lane.

A video of the collision that surfaced on YouTube today shows the SFPD vehicle pull into the right-hand turn lane behind another vehicle at the Second and Mission intersection. The squad car then pulled to the left into the bike lane and struck Doyle, throwing him and the bike to the ground.

In the comments on our story yesterday regarding a separate bicycle/vehicle collision at Fourth and Market, Doyle said that the officer struck him while he was biking at 25mph, causing him to T-bone the vehicle and fly 15 feet in the air.

Doyle, who suffered a bone fracture in the back and a "gnarly" wound on his right leg, added that the officer stopped and called an ambulance.

We've reached out to the SFPD for details on the department's process for investigating collisions between department-issued vehicles and citizens and will update this article when we hear back.

The video above was published on YouTube by Nexar, which recently-launched a free iPhone dashcam app for vehicles. With the company's mission to "rid the world of car accidents" and help drivers "stay protected on the road and avoid getting into tough spots," the dashcam begins recording as soon as the driver suddenly hits the brake, or initiates the app with a tap or voice command.