Black Horse London Pub Seeking $120K To Remain Open

The Black Horse London Pub, a 19-by-7-foot shoebox that's widely considered to be the smallest bar in San Francisco, has captured the affection of locals for decades. Its amenities are limited—the drink selection is limited to beers pulled from an ice-filled bathtub behind the bar—but the "experiment in social interaction" has drawn a loyal crowd of regulars, who crowd in for sports and conversation in a room where cell phones are verboten. 

Now, the bar, which has been open for 20 years, is in danger. On a GoFundMe page, owner James King says he needs to raise $120,000 by February 2017 in order to "keep the bar we all love so much" going strong. 

"I'm deeply saddened that I find myself in this difficult spot, and I deeply appreciate any help you can give," King added on Facebook

Owner James King (right) inside the tiny bar.

It's unclear what has left the Black Horse in financial straits, but fans have already responded, raising $1,770 in the three days since the campaign went live. The bar's phone number is disconnected, but we've reached out to King via email and will update this story when we learn more. 

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Black horse london pub seeking 120k to remain open