'Dear Don': Union Square Visitors Dump Trump With Personalized Valentines

'Dear Don': Union Square Visitors Dump Trump With Personalized ValentinesPhotos: David Andrews/Hoodline
David Andrews
Published on February 14, 2017

On a day when many send expressions of love, the members of Indivisible SF took a different tack: protesting President Trump and his administration, one "Dear Don" letter at a time.

Standing in Union Square, the group enticed visitors to “break up” with the Trump administration by writing cathartic messages on heart-shaped valentines, which the group then shared on its Twitter feed and read aloud to passersby.

"Dear Don, Please don’t leave YOUR heart in San Francisco,” one participant read aloud over a megaphone, quoting the beloved Tony Bennett ballad.

A poem for Donald: "Roses are red, violets are blue, the majority of Americans rejected you!"

Indivisible SF, which started in January, has 200 members and 2,000 subscribers to its mailing list. Like the many Indivisible groups that have sprung up around the country since Trump's election, it encourages citizens to contact their representatives in Congress to express opposition to the President's policies. 

“Most of us have day jobs, so we’re just out here for a lunchtime protest,” said Indivisible SF volunteer Emily Morris, who served as director of communications for the Valentine’s Day event.

Indivisible SF participants protest Trump at Union Square.

By 12:30pm, Morris said, between 100 and 200 valentines had been written and submitted by Indivisible SF members and passersby in the Square. Members of the group also encouraged Valentine writers to contact their representatives, providing information for both California residents and visitors from out of state. 

Here are some of the wittiest and most powerful valentines the group received:

“Dump Trump with love.”
“#DearDon, All we do is fight. Just pack your executive orders and GET OUT!”
“#Dear Don, you’re tearing us apart! Sad.”
“Love Dumps Hate."
“Dear Donny, I am sorry, but the Constitution is the one for me.”
Indivisible SF participants react to one of the Valentines.
“We are breaking up!”
“Dear Donald, No te quiero. ¡Te odio! Adios, W.L."
“Dear Don, My love is not up for grabs! (Bad.)”
“Hate begets hate: It’s time to Lysistrata your ass!”
“Dear Don, I’m just not into you!”
Signs called for an investigation of resigning National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and provided the numbers for the California state capitol (202-224-2223) and the U.S. Capitol (202-224-3121).
“Dear Don, How can I miss you if you won’t go away? Please go away! Love, America.”
“#Dear Don, Roses are red, your tastes run towards opulence, but the Constitution says you can’t receive emoluments!”
“Need my ACA for a healthy heart.”
“Dear Don, Roses are red, violets are blue, sooner or later, we’ll impeach you!"
“Dear Don, Restore our civil rights!”
“Dear Don, Your s[p]ray tan is staining my sheets. It’s over — I’m not sorry. Mary.”
“No love lost on Trump. Kiss kiss, goodbye.”
“#DearDon, your cheating ways hurt. Move to Russia. With love.”
“Dear Don, I wish we had never gotten together…we are so totally wrong for each other. Goodbye.” and “Some roses are red, some blue. Some presidents were bad, not as bad as you.”
“Dear Don, It’s not me, it’s 66 million of us. Please leave.”
Ma Li, a visitor from Shanghai, submits a breakup valentine.
“Dear Donny, It’s over! GO.”
“DearDon, I’m popping the big question: Will you show me your taxes?”
"Mend your broken heart. Call your REP."
“Trump, we are San Francisco and we stand Indivisible.”