100+ Goats Prepare Twin Peaks For Annual Pink Triangle Installation

100+ Goats Prepare Twin Peaks For Annual Pink Triangle Installation
Photo: Public Works
By Teresa Hammerl - Published on June 15, 2017.

On Wednesday, more than 100 goats assisted Public Works with clearing out weed on the Twin Peaks hillside for the annual Pink Triangle event, which reclaims a former Nazi symbol to educate and remind others of the dangers of persecution. 

During the event, a giant pink triangle made out of many pieces of pink canvas is installed on the north hill of Twin Peaks, facing the Castro. Nearly an acre in size and 200 feet across, the triangle can be seen from various points around the city and as far away as 20 miles. 

Before the installation of the triangle, which has been taken place since 1996, Public Works brought out goats from Goats R Us in Orinda over in the East Bay.

"This was a one-day job to prepare the hillside," Public Works spokesperson Rachel Gordon told us. 

According to their website, the family-owned company provides communities with environmentally-friendly vegetation management and public education about alternatives to traditional abatement techniques.

"We use goats—[from] different companies —occasionally at Public Works for jobs such as this, as well as family-fun events, such as our Arbor Day celebration where kids get to pet them and feed them hay," Gordon added.

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Gordon explained that Public Works is always looking for partners to help out.

"Sometimes those partners have four legs and bleat," she said. "Goats are great grazers. And they’re a lot of fun to watch."

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