Supervisor Fewer Seeks More Tech Jobs For City Residents

Supervisor Fewer Seeks More Tech Jobs For City Residents

TechSF offers training and employment services. | Photo: TechSF/SFOEWD

Camden Avery
Published on September 27, 2017

District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, who represents the Richmond, hosted a hearing today to consider how the city can help more residents find opportunities to work with technology companies.

The hearing was held "to better understand how the city, school district and City College are working together to ensure that San Francisco residents, especially low-income people, immigrants and people of color, have access to jobs in this burgeoning industry," Fewer's office said in a statement. 

Part of the discussion was geared towards making city-based tech companies—many of which have landed multi-million dollar tax breaks for keeping their business in town—more accountable for giving locals a substantive slice of the economic pie.

While several tech companies were invited to the hearing, all of them declined to attend. Fewer's office did not say which companies were invited. 

Photo: TechSF

"This sector has been changing the landscape of our city through its rapid growth, significant wealth and influx of new workers," Fewer said in a statement.

"I want to understand how the tech sector is also contributing to the social and economic fabric of San Francisco," she added, "particularly by providing job opportunities for long-time San Franciscans." 

Specific initiatives have yet to come out of the discussion, which included an assessment of the city's TechSF program through the Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Fewer's office believes that TechSF, meant to help locals land jobs, only contributed "a small number, given the tech sector's leading role in job growth in San Francisco."

Since 2013, the program has only secured 2,500 jobs, or roughly 600 positions each year; only three TechSF participants have landed at Google, which has tens of thousands of employees. 

In 2016, San Francisco's tech sector added approximately 9,000 new jobs.