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Published on March 07, 2019
Cole Valley Pets says so long, for nowPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline

Cole Valley Pets, the pet store of record for Cole Valley and the Upper Haight for over 20 years, closed its doors on Monday. But it may return under a new owner. 

Details on the transfer of ownership are scarce. But veteran employee Dano Kildsig, who lives in the neighborhood, said that it appears that the new ownership will continue to operate the space as a pet store.

A Facebook post by the former management confirmed Kildsig's hunch, noting that "the business is being sold and we are told it will remain a pet store. Re-opening date: TBD."

Kildsig (who worked at the store for 20 years) and other employees remain in the dark about the specifics of the arrangement. He expressed hope that the shop would continue to be a community  mainstay.

"It was a great place to work," Kildsig said. "We knew a lot of great cats, a lot of great puppies. It was mostly about the community, you know?"

We'll keep you posted on Cole Valley Pets' new owners, and when the store (and employees) might return.