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Published on November 05, 2020
Bayview’s Vegan Hood Chefs will be featured in ad during 49ers’ Thursday Night Football gameImage: Bud Light

The national spotlight is going to shine on the Bayview for about 30 seconds Thursday evening, during the 49ers-Packers Thursday Night Football game. A Bud Light commercial (of all things) will feature Vegan Hood Chefs, a pop-up, food truck, and catering service that you may have seen at the Bayview Bistro food vendor co-op. The commercial features Vegan Hood Chefs co-founders Ronnishia Johnson and Rheema Calloway in one of the most surprisingly tasteful Bud Light ads you are ever likely to see.

The commercial is seen in its entirety above if you would like a spoiler. And frankly, you may not want to watch the 49ers game, considering that all your favorite 49ers are either on injured reserve, traded, or testing positive for COVID-19. (The Packers are favored by 7 points.) This is a Nick Mullens game, and of course, there may be some significant breaking news unrelated to football.

This is technically not a Vegan Hood Chefs commercial, though it features their founders and logo. It’s a Bud Light ad, though part of a “Bud Light Thursday Night Shoutout” campaign that features Black-owned businesses in the cities whose teams are playing in Thursday Night Football games. It’s also a co-promotion for EatOkra, an app that helps users find Black-owned restaurants.

“We were thrilled when Bud Light approached us to be included in this Thursday Night Football series that highlights Black-owned businesses and shares their stories in such an impactful way,” EatOkara co-founder Antony Edwards said in a release. “Along with Bud Light, we hope this series motivates fans to seek and support more Black-owned restaurants when looking for game day bites." 

You can get game day bites from Vegan Hood Chefs, but not for this particular game. The current COVID-19 restrictions have limited Bayview Bistro to a once-a-month food box pickup situation. Vegan Hood Chefs are still doing private catering and deliveries, but per their website, “We conduct deliveries every Sunday from 3-6PM. You must pre-order.”