New evidence revealed in allegedly faked Santa Clara County deputy shooting

Photo Credit: sccgov.org
By Wesley Severson - Published on February 05, 2021.

Last week we learned the shocking accusations against a Santa Clara County Deputy who allegedly lied about surviving an ambush-style, drive-by, hate-crime shooting on a dark, rural road over a year ago.

But now, after his arrest almost a year later, we are finding out exactly which parts of Deputy Sukhdeep Gill’s story didn’t add up for prosecutors.

As reported by SFist, Gill first told investigators that on the night of January 31st of last year, he was pulled over and urinating while on patrol near Uvas Reservoir in Morgan Hill when a silver sedan approached him without any headlights on. 

Gill claims that someone inside the car fired 4 shots at him and that one of the bullets hit the body camera he was wearing at the time. He says the body camera was damaged but that he was not hurt. He says he returned fire but the car sped off.

But Gill’s story started getting picked apart in the months following the incident. 

Investigators released a 310-page report in October noting that they had found several inconsistencies in Gill’s story including the location of evidence at the crime scene, what was captured on video, what the shooting recreations revealed, and varying witness statements.

The Mercury News now reports that investigators believe that some of the bullet casings that were found at the scene couldn’t have come from an approaching car because they were on the wrong side of Gill’s patrol vehicle.

Investigators say, after recreating the shooting in several different ways, that the bullets were likely fired by someone who was in a standing position and that they could not have come from someone inside a moving vehicle.

Investigators also noted that there was no sign of any cars on Uvas Road from any nearby surveillance cameras until at least 10 minutes after Gill reported the shooting.

It appears that prosecutors are going to make it appear as if Gill shot his own body camera but they aren’t saying why they think he would do it.

Gill was booked into the Santa Clara County jail on Friday facing one count of felony vandalism for destroying his body camera and a filing false police report charge for apparently making up the whole story.

Gill could receive up to four years in prison if he’s found guilty on both counts.

Gill is out on bail but neither he nor his attorney has made any public comments about the case.

It’s unclear when he heads to court.

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