Large mixed-use development proposed near future San Jose BART station

Large mixed-use development proposed near future San Jose BART station
Large mixed-use development proposed near future San Jose BART station.Rendering Credit: Ruggeri Jensen Azar
By Wesley Severson - Published on January 19, 2022.

As BART’s vision for two new stations in San Jose gets closer to a reality, another new housing development near one of the stations has been proposed and is now in the early stages with city planners. The large apartment complex does not have a name at this point, but according to planning documents obtained by the Mercury News, it would include 198 units and would sit near the intersection of North 27th Street and East Santa Clara Street. The complex would be in the heart of the Five Wounds area and would also be just a short distance from the future home of BART’s 28th Street/Little Portugal station which will be underground.

The six-story building is expected to contain 21,200 square feet of mixed-use space. At least 7,000 square feet would be set aside for shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The five other stories would all be residential. “The proposed development is a high-density, transit-supportive mixed-use, multi-family rental project located within the Five Wounds Urban Village,” attorney and real estate broker Melanie Griswold told Mercury News. Original plans for the complex called for 205 units. SFYimby reported in July, LPMD Architecture is managing the design concepts. Currently, no developer is listed on the planning documents.

Photo Credit: Ruggeri Jensen Azar


At least 10 to 20 of the units will be listed as affordable housing but the number of units reserved for low-income residents is expected to go way higher as clearer details of the project start emerging.

“There is a strong likelihood that the project will be 100% affordable,” Griswold said in documents obtained by the Mercury News. The build site reportedly totals 1.2 acres with the addresses of 70 through 80 North 27th Street. A party supply company and a Latin fitness dance studio are the current tenants in a building on the property that will have to be bulldozed to make room for the new complex. The project is still in the preliminary planning stages. At this point, there are no timelines for construction or city approval.