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Published on October 26, 2023
San Francisco's Expensify Lounge Shuts Down, the Office is Dead According to Company's Wild ExperimentSource: Google Street View

The Expensify Lounge, an upscale co-working space in San Francisco's financial district, will shut down on November 1. Offering luxuries such as complimentary hand-mixed cocktails and freshly made cappuccinos, the space was more than just an office.

Defined as a "wild experiment," the lounge aimed to discover what could draw employees back to an onsite work environment. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our understanding of traditional offices, pushing businesses to adopt remote work arrangements.

Based on their findings, Expensify announced, "the office is dead." This is not to suggest that communal interactions are irrelevant, but rather, that physical offices may no longer be the focal point of work.

Although the Expensify Lounge will close, the experiment led to meaningful insights. The company used the arrangement as a brand-building exercise and as a platform to test new products, including Expensify Chat. Expensify also gained valuable knowledge about community dynamics, helping shape their plans for the future.

The experiment confirmed that lavish office spaces can't compete with the allure of flexibility and convenience offered by remote work. While the Expensify Lounge experiment concludes, its lessons will inform the company's market navigation in the future.

Expensify's ambition for trailblazing remains intact, as it looks to launch the Midtown Beer Garden in Portland, Oregon. The company has not revealed details of this new venture, but its experimental spirit is evident.