Abstract Art Takes Flight at John Wayne Airport's Meditative Reflections Exhibition

Abstract Art Takes Flight at John Wayne Airport's Meditative Reflections ExhibitionSource: Orange County/John Wayne Airport
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 07, 2023

The exhibition, Meditative Reflections, featuring select abstract art, can be found on display at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. Running from October 18 to November 30, the showing spotlights incredible pieces of Orange County abstract artists such as Jim Ellsberry, Patrice Goldberg, E.E. Jacks, Sonja Krastman, Tanya Lozano, Erin Schalk, and Thomas Wright, according to the John Wayne Airport website.

Using abstract art as a meditative process, the artists convey personal experiences and reflections on social and environmental issues. Each piece emphasizes the immense talent of the local artists who purposely create non-representative forms, providing viewers the opportunity to draw personal interpretations from the artwork.

The digital age is rapidly permeating the realm of art, however, these artists find inspiration in the traditional format of painting. Artist E.E. Jacks embraces the use of bright hues and a dense application of paint with the goal of encapsulating the mood and energy of her subjects, as stated by the John Wayne Airport Arts Program.

In the exhibition, Sonja Krastman's artistry captures early childhood memories and family heritage through painted landscapes. Her Impressions of the High Desert series provoke nostalgia and the impact of color found in desert landscapes.

Erin Schalk, who is not only a noted artist but also a photographer, writer, and educator from Anaheim, is another featured creator. Through her abstract portraits, she encourages understanding and acknowledgment of society's interpretation of disabilities.

The endorsement of local artists and abstract art by the John Wayne Airport indicates the importance of these forms of artistic expression in our current society. Conveniently spread out before and after the security check, the display spans Terminals A, B, and C on the Upper (departure) Level as well as Terminal 4 on the Lower (arrival) Level.