Amarillo's Own 'Grinch' in the Preacher's Festive Fiasco at Elementary School

Amarillo's Own 'Grinch' in the Preacher's Festive Fiasco at Elementary SchoolSource: Google Street View
Javi Gonzalez
Published on November 28, 2023

It was a jolly holiday disruption yesterday morning when a Grinch impersonator attempted to sour the festive mood at Sleepy Hollow Elementary in Amarillo, Texas. The man, garbed in the iconic green fur of the famed Dr. Seuss character, was spotted brandishing a sign that bluntly declared, "Santa is fake."Jesus is  real."Amid the furore, one dad's Christmas spirit took a hit; grabbing the Grinch's sign, he summarily chucked it onto the ground—perhaps to save the day, as reported by Express News.

The man behind the costume was identified as David Grisham, a street preacher who has managed to quickly become the talk of the town, notoriously known for rudely interrupting the merry traditions cherished by children and parents alike. "I understand why they’re upset," Grisham said in an interview with ABC 7 News. "They're upset because they're prideful and don't want to admit that lying to their child is wrong in spite of what God’s word says. They’re more concerned with the traditions of men rather than the truth."

The chilly reception from parents could be felt as winter's breath itself, yet Grisham remained unfazed, believing he peddles truth rather than fantasy. “They don’t want to be seen as a liar in the eyes of their child. But the facts say they are," he confided to ABC 7 News. Grisham also expressed his disinterest in the "magic" of Christmas, emphasizing, "I’m not concerned about the “magic” of Christmas but the MIRACLE of Christmas in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ."

Despite no laws appearing to have been broken, Sleepy Hollow Elementary was quick to distance itself from the grumpy green visitor. In a compelling move, school officials took to Facebook to inform the community of the incident and assure that the Grinch had no ties with the school. Eager to return to normalcy, Principal Kelsey Williams aptly remarked in a video message, "The Grinch has officially made his way back to Mount Crumpit. And not a minute too soon, if you ask me," obtained by Express News. Her declaration made it clear that the present Grinch's unceremonious exit was welcomed by Sleepy Hollow with as much relief as a snow day. As far as the community is concerned, the real spirit of Christmas is safe and protected from any Grinches lurking about, ready to strike again.