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Published on November 28, 2023
Austin Man's Daily Devotion Helps Shy Shelter Dog Find Her Happy TailSource: Austin Pets Alive

In a tale that might just soften the most hardened of hearts, Joe Rotunda has unfolded an inspiring story of devotion, having visited a shy shelter dog named Alva every single day for two months, winning her trust and eventually her companionship. Alva, the dog with a heart-wrenching backstory of mobility issues due to cerebellar hypoplasia, found her forever home with Rotunda, a man whose patience and dedication knew no bounds, according to People.

Originally taken in by Austin Pets Alive! (APA) As a puppy from another shelter that couldn't afford her medical treatment, Alva's journey has been fraught with challenges. Dr. Ellen Jefferson, the veterinarian and the CEO and president of APA, disclosed to People.

The tide turned for Alva when Rotunda spotted her on Instagram and was immediately smitten. "I bet everyone has given up on you. I’m not going to do that to you," Rotunda declared to KVUE.