Austin's Green Scene Gets a Boost in New Hires Charge Climate Crusade with Equity and Data Savvy

Austin's Green Scene Gets a Boost in New Hires Charge Climate Crusade with Equity and Data SavvySource:
Natalie Petrovich
Published on November 30, 2023

The Office of Sustainability in Austin, Texas, is stepping up its fight against climate change with the addition of two dynamic new team members, Mali Calvo and Tasnuva Udita, eager to make a difference in the creation of a regional climate action plan. The duo was introduced to the community in a blog post published by the Office on Thursday, and they are backed by the financial support of a Climate Pollution Reduction Grant provided through the Inflation Reduction Act.

Mali, hailing from just outside Philadelphia, has taken up the mantle of coordinating with Central Texas partners to develop the climate action plan. "My favorite thing to do was walk to her house for happy hour," she nostalgically recalled about her grandmother's place in an interview, as stated in Austintexas.

Tasnuva's journey from the bustling streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Austin's sustainability scene has been fueled by her passion for finding nature-based solutions to environmental challenges. "I always knew that I would be pursuing the same goal in my professional career as well," in accord with Austintexas.

The two sustainability champions have more than just professional goals to celebrate; they've also quickly found their personal niches in Austin. Mali's Austin montage would feature her bonding with her community, sharing both rides and a commitment to activism, always outdoors, shorts-clad except perhaps when attending annual clothing swap events—simple joys that echo the city's year-round mild climate. Meanwhile, Tasnuva's penchant for live music and gastronomic adventures with her partner further enlivens her after-hours, making the most of the city’s vibrant food trucks and skyline strolls.