LA's Bopomofo Cafe Brings Fusion Treats & Boba Bevies to San Diego's Convoy District

LA's Bopomofo Cafe Brings Fusion Treats & Boba Bevies to San Diego's Convoy DistrictSource: Bopomofo Cafe
Ben J. Costas
Published on November 27, 2023

Los Angeles' Bopomofo Cafe is bringing its Asian-American fusion eats down the coast. Known for its next-level boba and eclectic food menu, Bopomofo confirmed they're setting up shop in the bustling Convoy District—in the complex that houses Target and Costco Business Center. The spot's a sentimental one, as co-founder Phillip Wang reminisced to Eater San Diego about his UCSD days.

But this isn't just about boba—though you can bet they'll bring their A-game with dairy-free options and scrupulously avoid those pesky artificial flavors. This cafe is tossing up a storm with mapo tofu tater tots and honey walnut shrimp burgers. Spotting the Constellation of best-sellers, including Taiwanese fried chicken sandwiches, Bopomofo places innovation at the front and center. Though if you're craving something sweet and somewhat quirky, their strawberry-corn drink mashes up fresh corn milk with housemade strawberry sorbet.

If their Instagram tease is anything to go by, Bopomofo is putting down roots with purpose, not just speed. They've held back from the franchise frenzy, opting to grow at a pace that preserves the company's sanity and quality. In a nostalgic throwback snap, the Bopomofo team admitted to their followers, "it's been a long time coming" since first eyeing the space back in February 2022. They added, "good things take time," as they explained the careful expansion strategy on Instagram.

With the stage set for a mid-January grand opening, San Diegans can soon feast on flavors unique to the San Diego locale, as hinted by the partners who told Eater San Diego. Attending all the fanfare, hoping to tickle locals with some location-specific items while ensuring fans, whether they're Day 1 followers or recent converts, are hungry for more. As Bopomofo continues to thank its base via Instagram: "You got us here," they remind us that this is just a taste of what's to come.