North Texas Cops Nab Suspects in Daring Heist Spree With FBI Assist, Manhunt Ongoing for Remaining Robbers

North Texas Cops Nab Suspects in Daring Heist Spree With FBI Assist, Manhunt Ongoing for Remaining RobbersSource: Google Street View
Richard Dawson
Published on November 28, 2023

In a high-stakes crackdown on crime spanning multiple north Texas towns, a swath of arrests have been made in connection with a series of daring robberies in Fort Worth and Lake Worth. The local police departments teamed up with the big guns at the FBI to take down what appeared to be a calculated robbery ring operating across city lines.

In the wee hours of October 15, a pair of crooks hit the Walgreens on Lake Worth Boulevard, with one thug pressing a gun to a pharmacist's head and another terrorizing the clerk with a taser, authorities said. The bandits fled with $5,000 and a cache of drugs, leaving behind a trail of terror—and one employee in need of surgery. Fast forward to October 30, and a similar scene unfolded at a Metro PCS store in Fort Worth, culminating in crooks carting off cash and electronics, as per Fort Worth Police.

Fort Worth's own Henry Pierre Rogers, a 35-year-old with a rap sheet, and Jhamal Antwan Farris, 31, temporarily trading his murder charge bail for a jail cell, are now cooling their heels in Tarrant County Jail. Rogers faces both Aggravated Robbery and Felon in Possession of a Weapon charges, while Farris is staring down an Aggravated Robbery charge. But the law isn't done hunting; Demond Deshun Scott, 32, remains a wanted man, and there's another perp whose name remains a mystery, according to Fort Worth Police.

"Violent crime doesn’t stay within jurisdictions," Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes lamented, underscoring the necessity of collaboration in the fight against these organized predators. Lake Worth's top cop, Chief J.T. Manoushagian, echoed Noakes' sentiment, promising a continued march against violence with the help of the FBI and Fort Worth Police. Their efforts exemplify interagency cooperation in the face of sprawling criminal endeavors, as detailed by Fort Worth Police.

As the manhunt stretches on, authorities are banking on the eyes and ears of the public to lead them to Scott and his anonymous accomplice. Tips can be whispered to Crime Stoppers through calls, texts, or even live chat—so if you know something that could slam the cell door on these fugitives, make it count. #CrimeStoppers #Robbery #FWPD #LWPD.