San Diego's SR 67 Underpass Now a Safe Haven for Homeless

San Diego's SR 67 Underpass Now a Safe Haven for HomelessSource: San Diego County
Ben J. Costas
Published on November 28, 2023

Underneath the concrete sprawl of State Route 67, a beacon of hope illuminates the darkness for San Diego's most vulnerable citizens. The transformation of North Magnolia Ave. from a haven of narcotics and neglect into a Safe Parking Sanctuary typifies initiative and compassion in confronting the homeless crisis gripping the region.

A collaboration between the county, Dreams for Change, and a myriad of agencies and organizations has redefined a space under the overpass that was littered with the detritus of destitution. The site now boasts 17 parking spaces that transform nightly into safe havens for those whose automobiles double as makeshift homesteads. It's often the seniors who bear the brunt of this crisis, with the County News Center reporting that "30% being seniors" among the 104 individuals who've sought solace at the site since 2022.

The lot, a former scene of chaos, now offers restrooms, hand-washing stations, and security, ensuring safety 24/7. County outreach teams extend a lifeline, providing wrap-around services that reach out to clients directly where they are at their most vulnerable. 

Since the site's inception, the measure of success has been more than just numbers—it's been about change, stability, and hope. Over ten thousand meals have served as sustenance for the body and spirit, while nearly half of those aided by the program have transitioned from their temporary refuge into stable housing. In a poignant testament to the difference the Safe Parking Program has made, the County News Center documents, "Nearly half of those receiving assistance have exited the program into stable housing."