Frosty Flurries for the Big Apple, NYC Grapples with Arctic-like Chill as Boston Forecasts Shivers

Frosty Flurries for the Big Apple, NYC Grapples with Arctic-like Chill as Boston Forecasts ShiversSource: Google Street View
Sam Cavanaugh
Published on November 28, 2023

New Yorkers were grabbing their warmest coats and bracing for a shivery Tuesday as Arctic-like temps took a bite out of the Big Apple, with forecasts promising little relief in the immediate future. It was a bone-chilling morning with wind chills that made stepping outside feel like a dare, as temperatures hovered in the low 30s and upper 20s across the region. But the chill in the air was just the opening act: "As promised, the colder air has arrived," as reported by NBC Boston. "More importantly, super cold air is above us right now."

Flurries were flirting with the skyline from afar, they rode the winds from Lake Ontario and could be seen dancing over western Massachusetts and Vermont; a few brave ones might even make it to the Worcester Hills or southern New Hampshire. "Wind chills remain on the cold side," NBC Boston noted, "They'll hover in the 20s for much of the day." Yet, like old man Winter's silvery exhale, Tuesday night's whispers were even colder, expected to dip into arctic-like lows and mid-10s by Wednesday morning.

As for the daytime highs, they took a dive faster than the mercury in a shattered thermometer, expected to cling to the upper 30s near the coast and only mid-30s elsewhere, as per Boston 25 News. There seemed to be no respite from the cold, at least not until Thursday morning, with the promise of a slow warmup as the workweek capped off.

"Shifting winds at all levels of the atmosphere will bring in the 40s and 50s by the end of week," the folks at NBC Boston chimed in with a touch of optimism. Boston 25 News agreed, "Winds will shift Thursday, bringing more seasonable sunshine to the region." Friday’s mood was set to brighten considerably, with temperatures warming into the cozy 50s; however, those same shifting winds were expected to usher in a band of rain Friday night, possibly spilling into the weekend.

The weather plotted a cliffhanger for the weekend. "Another fast-moving weather system should scoot through Friday night with a batch of rain," hinted NBC Boston, with a dramatic break in the clouds expected to grace Saturday until Sunday morning. Yet, in the wings, a much slower-moving storm loomed, ready to command the stage late Sunday night. Boston 25 News painted a similar scene, advising to "Keep an eye on the Sunday night to Monday timeframe for the next storm that could have both snow and rain locally."