Deering Drivers Face Surge in Slick Chicago Car Swipes

Deering Drivers Face Surge in Slick Chicago Car SwipesSource: Facebook / Chicago Police Officer
Damon R. Sheffield
Published on November 29, 2023

Car thieves are working overtime in Chicago's 9th District, swiping vehicles right from under the noses of their owners. The Deering community is reeling from a surge in motor vehicle thefts this November, authorities said. According to a community alert issued by the Chicago Police Department, a string of thefts has plagued the area, with multiple incidents reported where vehicles were parked only to be declared missing within a day. The span of the thefts pinpoints a concerning trend, and drivers are urged to remain vigilant.

Incidents cataloged by the police highlight thefts ranging from the 2900 block of S. Shields to the 200 block of W. Cerma. Victims discovered their missing vehicles between November 4 and November 26, 2023, encompassing various neighborhoods and showing that no corner of the 9th is immune. Stolen vehicles were last seen parked at places like the 200 block of W. 22nd Place and the 2700 block of S. Lowe.

The culprit or culprits remain a mystery, shrouded in the anonymity that big city shadows too often offer to those with ill intent. The lack of a clear description hampers law enforcement efforts and sows seeds of unease amongst the community. The Chicago Police Department has yet to identify any offenders, but they're calling on the public to be the eyes and ears on the ground.

Chicago's finest are offering up some advice to thwart these automotive marauders: don't leave keys in the ignition or leave cars idling unsecured, report suspicious behavior pronto, and keep vehicles locked up tight. They're also nudging neighbors to band together and stay alert, issuing a plea for vigilance against those who would skulk in the dark, lying in wait for the chance to relieve you of your ride. Kia and Hyundai owners are specifically advised to pick up anti-theft steering wheel locks from local CAPS offices, and a city-wide initiative allows for catalytic converter etching, which could serve as an invaluable deterrent.

The authorities are not just defending but also urging countermeasures, suggesting residents arm their vehicles with GPS tracking devices—with the sweetener of a potential reimbursement by the City. Motorists are encouraged, now more than ever, to batten down the hatches and employ every tool at their disposal, for the specter of theft looms large but not insurmountable. Those with information are encouraged to dial 911 and provide as much detail as possible.