Plano Police Pump Up Patrols Against Prowling Parts Pilferers Preying on Student Parking Lots

Plano Police Pump Up Patrols Against Prowling Parts Pilferers Preying on Student Parking LotsSource: Google Street View
Margie Townsend
Published on November 28, 2023

Plano's been hit hard by a new wave of crime, but this time the bends and breaks echo from the parking lots of our high schools. Thieves with an appetite for quick cash have been flexing their wrenches on the catalytic converters of Toyota trucks, SUVs, and Mitsubishi Outlanders, according to the Plano Texas Police Department.

It seems the rustlers are choosing the time when the school bell rings, cashing in on the youthful bustle, having no idea that their parking sanctuary is now a hunting ground. The Plano Police Department is dishing out advice to thwart these metal marauders. Said preventative measures include etching your VIN onto the converters, painting them orange, and the use of anti-theft devices.

But that's not where this educational mission stalls. The police are also revving up efforts to boost awareness among our Plano progeny, urging students and faculty nearby to keep eyes peeled and ears open for the roaring sounds of power tools cutting through steel—a sure sign of shady dealings. Vigilance is key, say the boys in blue. If you spot anything unusual or hear that discordant symphony of a Sawzall at work, it's time to ring up 9-1-1.

Though it's a jungle out there in the daytime, it's trickier to spot the predators, especially when they arm themselves. So if you expected confrontation to be the answer, you've got another thing coming. "These thieves are typically armed, so do NOT confront them," per the Plano Texas Police Department. Instead, pour some light on them—figuratively, with cameras, or literally, parking nearby those yearning fluorescents for safety's sake.