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Published on November 20, 2023
San Marcos Creek Project Advances, Infrastructure and Community Spirit FlourishSource: City of San Marcos

As 2023 nears its end, the San Marcos Creek Project, announced yesterday, is making resounding progress. The completion by AT&T of underground work on utility cables along Discovery Street and preparations for paving along Via Vera Cruz mark key steps toward enhancing local infrastructure, per the City of San Marcos news report.

The removal of overhead utility poles signals the project's next phase: paving Via Vera Cruz, which is set for November 20 and 21. If no weather-related delays occur, the bridge's potential completion before year-end illustrates progress toward project goals.

San Marcos residents receive periodic updates on progress, like the recent installation of sidewalks and preparations for paving to achieve and striping. The paving of the southern portion of Discovery Street. The construction team expects the road to be open to traffic by year's end, boosting connectivity and accessibility within the community.

The team behind the San Marcos Creek Project encourages support for local businesses around Galleria Vera Cruz (1001-1003 W San Marcos Blvd.) and Via Marco Plaza (997 W San Marcos Blvd.) shopping centers during this period of transition. 

Despite the Via Vera Cruz Road closure, businesses along this stretch are accessible via San Marcos Boulevard. The community's continued support helps these businesses stay afloat, fostering a sense of unity and shared progress. This spirit of togetherness is captured in the hashtag "#OurNeighborhood #OurCreek," according to the City of San Marcos.