Santa Ana Winds Stir Wildfire Worries, Possible Power Cuts Loom

Santa Ana Winds Stir Wildfire Worries, Possible Power Cuts LoomSource: X /Ventura County Sheriff
Gabriela Martinez
Published on November 26, 2023

Whipping winds are about to tear through Ventura County, with the local sheriff's department warning of a moderate Santa Ana wind event hitting the region Sunday through Monday, potentially fanning the flames of wildfire risk. According to the Ventura County Sheriff on X, the gusty Northeast winds, known for their dry and warm nature, could create critical fire weather conditions.



In a preparedness move, Southern California Edison (SCE) has cast a wary eye on 5 electricity circuits in Ventura County that might fall victim to preventive Public Safety Power Shutoffs. These preemptive blackouts, as troublesome as the inconveniences may sound, are designed to curtail the deadly dance between high winds and power lines—a ballet that has ignited destruction in past. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Emergency Services pointed out the areas of worry in a detailed incident dashboard, accessible from desktop devices for residents seeking more information about the looming threat.