Stuffing Their Pockets, Houston Caterer Accused of Scamming Families Out of Thanksgiving Feasts

Stuffing Their Pockets, Houston Caterer Accused of Scamming Families Out of Thanksgiving FeastsSource: Unsplash/ Claudio Schwarz
Alyssa Ford
Published on November 25, 2023

A Deer Park catering company called Maddhouse Catering is under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The company is accused of scamming numerous Houston families out of their pre-paid Thanksgiving feasts, with promises left unfulfilled on the day when gratitude and abundance are most celebrated. According to a report by FOX 26, outraged customers claimed they shelled out a whopping $200 to $300 only to be greeted with empty tables and no sign of turkey or trimmings.

Caught up in the midst of this culinary catastrophe, Susan Bramblett lamented the absence of refunds, saying, "I don’t think we ever will see refunds. He told us he doesn’t have the money to refund anybody," as per a statement obtained by FOX 26. Meanwhile, Albert Fernandez shared with KHOU, "At the last minute, we had to scramble," Fernandez said. "We had to go to Kroger to get chickens thighs, legs, or something."

Frustrated voices rose high on social media, with customers sharing videos of their upset encounters at Maddhouse Catering's garage-based operation. The evidence of dissatisfaction piled up as Jeff, one of the impacted individuals, recounted to KHOU, "We were supposed to get two turkeys, a ham, four sides, and two pies. When we showed up, he said we could have nothing but a turkey, and it wasn’t even cooked."

Adding fuel to the fire of this debacle, Maddhouse Catering's last lifeline to their customers—a Facebook post—nonchalantly requested, "Everyone please let me have a chance to respond." Further, in a twist mocking the burned birds that never made it to the table, the company announced they "ran out of food," their "oven caught fire," and shockingly, pocketed the cash as they publicly admitted lacking funds for reimbursements as outlined on FOX 26. What's even more gobbling is that despite the police arresting a woman from the business owner’s house on an unrelated warrant, Deer Park Police treat the catering establishment as a legitimate business for investigatory purposes.

The situation reaches a dim climax as it came to light that Maddhouse Catering is brazenly offering Christmas dinner specials, setting the price at $250. Struck customers like Jeff made it clear, expressing their sentiment, "I'll eat this grass before I order from Maddhouse Catering, I'm sorry," according to his fiery commentary on KHOU. Deer Park Police urge any victims of this fiasco to make their voices heard and reach out to Officer Spencer at (281) 478-2000 as the investigation unfolds.