100+ Shelter Dogs Jet From Tustin Inferno to New Beginnings in Ohio

100+ Shelter Dogs Jet From Tustin Inferno to New Beginnings in OhioSource: County of Orange California Website
Juliette Kessler
Published on November 23, 2023

In the fiery wake of Tustin, California's North Hangar disaster, a heartwarming revelation unfolded as the ASPCA and Orange County Animal Care (OCAC) announced the airlift rescue of over 100 distressed shelter dogs. The dogs are on their way to Ohio, revealing a silver lining amidst the smoky aftermath of the inferno, the Orange County Government reported yesterday.

Unsafe to even take a stroll outside due to the lingering threats of the Tustin Hangar Fire, these dogs were confined without reprieve to the inside of their kennels. The OCAC, desperate to ensure their charges got the playtime and exercise they so badly needed, turned to the ASPCA to quickly, but temporarily, relocate these furry friends. The canines will be housed at the ASPCA’s recovery center in Columbus and, once they've caught their breath, will be put up for adoption through partner shelters.

Monica Schmidt, Interim Director of OCAC, said it best: "This partnership with the ASPCA, including their commitment to providing vital resources, is affording over 100 dogs the opportunity to relocate from our shelter as modified operations continue with no definite end date." This statement, heartwarming as a snug dog in a rug, was conveyed through their joint press release.

Meanwhile, Karen Walsh, the senior director of ASPCA Animal Relocation, emphasized the teamwork underpinning this emergency response: “The ASPCA is uniquely positioned to support shelter partners across the country during emergency situations,” according to the press release.

About OC Animal Care: Bearing the pride of being Orange County's largest municipal animal shelter at 1630 Victory Rd., Tustin, CA, OC Animal Care is a bastion for over 14,500 animals annually.