Texas Voters Tackle $94 Million High School Stadium, Prosper ISD's Plan B in Play

Texas Voters Tackle $94 Million High School Stadium, Prosper ISD's Plan B in PlaySource: Google Street View
Margie Townsend
Published on November 21, 2023

Following a definitive no from Prosper ISD voters on November 7, district officials are now considering the next steps. The proposed "$94 million football stadium," set to be Texas' most expensive high school stadium, was soundly rejected by 55% of the voters against Proposition C. Discussions on the district's alternative plan have started, but detailed information and a concrete timeline are yet to be established per The Dallas Morning News.

The stadium proposal was contained within a $2.8 billion bond package that also included three other propositions. Although the cost of the stadium sparked concerns, propositions A, B, and D were approved by a comfortable majority, gaining funds for the construction of new schools and facilities, technology enhancements, and a new performance arts center. Rachel Trotter, Prosper ISD's chief communications officer, was thankful for the community's support, stating that the bond funds will enable the district to continue the development of facilities and the provision of educational programs desired by the community according to WFAA.

Campaigns were conducted by the district officials to inform voters, reassuring them that taxes would remain flat even if all the propositions were sanctioned. Despite this, several voters, like Gabe Nicolella, remained dubious regarding the proposed stadium's financial feasibility in today's economic scenario. He stated, "It’s all we hear about—people having a hard time making ends meet—yet they want to spend this kind of money?" as quoted by Dallas Morning News.

Prosper ISD's Children's Health Stadium, which was opened in 2019, currently serves the district's schools. On getting the approval, the second high school stadium would have allowed all schools to alternate games between the two stadiums, rather than assigning home fields to specific schools. The $94 million estimated cost included inflation and construction costs, with a district spokeswoman predicting 15% and 30% increases respectively, in contrast to the current 2023 price, as cited by WFAA.

Bearing the title of North Texas's fastest-growing school district, there is likely increasing pressure on Prosper ISD to develop and expand facilities. Balancing their ambitions with the support of, their community presents a significant challenge for district officials. The task here is to address the perceived excess of the $94 million stadium proposal while adequately meeting the growing need for sports facilities in the community.

Rachel Trotter acknowledged this challenge, stating, "We heard the voice of our community, so we want to take our time to ensure that we bring a package back to the voters that is in alignment", per Dallas Morning News.