Thanksgiving Throwdown Thrown Out, Southie High Forfeits Century-Old Football Rivalry to Eastie, Fans Left In the Lurch

Thanksgiving Throwdown Thrown Out, Southie High Forfeits Century-Old Football Rivalry to Eastie, Fans Left In the LurchSource: Google Street View
Benjamin Cortez
Published on November 23, 2023

In an unexpected fumble on the eve of Thanksgiving, South Boston High School’s football team has waved the white flag, forfeiting their time-honored gridiron clash with East Boston High School, leaving a turkey-sized hole in the holiday for scores of disappointed fans, families, and students. After over a century of pigskin tradition, the annual game will not unfold under the Thursday morning lights, as confirmed by a heartbroken Headmaster of East Boston High, Phillip R. Brangiforte as reported by the Boston 25 News.

"I am deeply saddened for our school, players, cheerleaders, coaches, and especially our seniors," Brangiforte said according to a statement obtained by Boston 25 News. While a makeshift intrasquad scrimmage is set to replace the holiday classic, it's a faint echo of the fanfare, tradition, and hard-fought battles that have defined the 105-year rivalry.

The abrupt cancellation blindsided parents and students alike, with the unsavory news reaching Steven Chiappa, the father of an East Boston player, just a day before the scheduled game. "It kind of stinks, I feel bad for the kids," Chiappa told CBS News Boston. His son, who plays both fullback and outside linebacker, shared the sentiment, lamenting the lost opportunity to partake in what is considered by many as their personal championship.

Despite a noble attempt to salvage the situation, the East Boston camp finds solace in their own strength and resilience. "We can only control what we can control," East Boston coach John Parziale echoed as mentioned in Boston 25 News. But the sting is particularly sharp for the seniors, with the sudden forfeiture spelling the end of their high school football journey—a journey anticipated to conclude on the storied battlefield of the Thanksgiving Day game.

Last year’s matchup saw East Boston dominating South Boston with a striking 48-0 victory, though victory this year will remain unclaimed, an unusual silence descending on a day normally marked by fierce competition and community celebration. The South Boston/Burke co-op, fraught with player shortages throughout the season, stands in stark contrast to their counterparts' readiness for the holiday showdown, leaving a gap not just on the field but in the hearts of those to whom this annual event is a quintessential slice of local heritage.