Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller to Continue Playing Despite Domestic Violence Charges, Awaits Legal Outcome

Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller to Continue Playing Despite Domestic Violence Charges, Awaits Legal OutcomeSource: Flickr / Mike Cardus
Isabella Rodriguez
Published on December 07, 2023

Buffalo Bills' Von Miller is tackling the practice field undeterred, irrespective of the recent domestic violence allegations against him. Miller, charged with third-degree felony assault against his pregnant partner, will not be sidelined as the legal dice rolls out their verdict. As the Bills brace themselves to face the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, Miller remains an active asset, said Brandon Beane, the team's general manager. "No one wants their name associated with any accusation like that, so that’s a natural disappointment. But things happen sometimes, and again, we have to remember people; we have to give them their fair due process," Beane stated, as reported by FOX 4 News.

A Dallas suburb police officer issued a warrant for the NFL star's arrest last week, to which he promptly surrendered himself. Free on a $5,000 bond, Miller could be facing a penalty that runs deep into a six-figure fine and—or—a two to ten-year prison stint. The details indicate the player allegedly grabbed his partner's neck, yanked her hair, and hurled her onto a couch. While allegations swirl, the Bills march to the steady drum of the NFL's conduct code, awaiting any directional cues, as per The Dallas Morning News.

These not-so-light allegations have reverberated across the NFL as fans, teams, and endorsers alike weigh the gravity of the situation against due process rights. Beane stressed the seriousness of the charges but also remarked they seemed "out of character" for the player he's known for over a year. Bills coach Sean McDermott echoed the sentiments on Miller's standing with the team: "It’s a very, very serious situation," he offered, according to FOX 4 News.

Despite the strong defense being played off the field by Beane and the team, the Bills are nonetheless open for scrutiny. Teammate Mitch Morse acknowledged the complexity of the situation. "It’s tough because I have a very personal relationship with Von that’s very nice. He’s been a very generous teammate, a great teammate to me and I got nothing but great things to say," Morse said. "I completely understand how everyone feels about this," he said, recognizing the disparate reactions among fans and colleagues, per FOX 4 News.