Colma Police Seek Public's Aid in Identifying Five Suspects in $7,000 Merchandise Theft

Colma Police Seek Public's Aid in Identifying Five Suspects in $7,000 Merchandise TheftSource: Colma Police Department
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on December 08, 2023

Colma cops are on the hunt for a quintet of theft suspects and they need your eagle eyes. On a chilly Tuesday night, a crew of five young men hit a business on Colma Boulevard, bagging themselves a cool $7,000 haul of merchandise and then hightailing it out in a white Toyota, but not before the local boys in blue caught their act and tried to pull them over, according to a Facebook post by Colma Police Department.

It was around 8:30 pm when the thieves made their move, with police arriving quick on the scene to catch a glimpse of the Toyota making a beeline north on Junipero Serra Boulevard, but when the cops tried to put brakes on their escapade, the suspects didn’t have it; instead, they pushed the pedal to the metal, taking speed over safety and leaving cops with no choice but to call off the chase, safety being their priority even in the thick of the crime.

The suspects were a diverse bunch, a tapestry of the local demographic: one described as wearing yellow sweats and a matching sweatshirt, punctuated by a black beanie; his accomplice, a mirror image in black; and the rest, a blend of black jeans and sweatshirts, with one opting for a shade of light blue in his jeans and a touch of grey in his sweatshirt.

These suspects are not yet names but faces in age's dawn, perceived in the hues of identity—Hispanic, white, black—garbed in the tell-tale attire of the young and carefree, but the Colma Police are not taking this lightly; they’re calling on anybody, somebody with anything that could lead to a break in the case to step forward, and you can even play the hero anonymous if that's your style. The detective bureau is ready at (650) 997-8321 and the tip-line at (650) 997-8337 is ready to receive your whispers.