HBO Doc Bares Ex-McDonald's Manager's Cult Odyssey from Dallas to Colorado

HBO Doc Bares Ex-McDonald's Manager's Cult Odyssey from Dallas to ColoradoSource: Flickr / ajay_suresh
Richard Dawson
Published on December 05, 2023

It seems the pathway from flipping burgers to self-declared deity isn't as long as one might think. Amy Carlson, once a Dallas-based McDonald's manager with aspirations, spiraled down a rabbit hole that led her to be worshipped as "Mother God" by the group Love Has Won. Her disturbing saga, which culminated in a gruesome mummified discovery in Colorado, is now unraveled in HBO's three-part docuseries "Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God", as reported by the Dallas Observer.

It'd bring a tear to a glass eye, the way Carlson was once a high-flyer in Dallas, quickly climbing the fast-food chain's management before plunging into the vortex of ecstasy and New Age spirituality. She was beloved by her employees and "had a gift" for knowing how to make them feel good. Wrapped in the mystic musings, Carlson's life began to shift dramatically towards that of a messianic figure, leaving behind her children and family while enraptured in her new celestial mission, as per the Dallas Observer.

Love Has Won, an ensemble that one could argue was more mixed up than a conspiracy theorist's browser history, pitched Carlson as an incarnation of figures ranging from Jesus Christ to Marilyn Monroe. Her following, indulging in everything from QAnon theories to Holocaust denial, saw Carlson as their savior, eventually leading them through the "Fifth Dimension," according to Rolling Stone.

Yet, the alarming denouement to her spiritual sojourn came not in a blaze of cosmic grandeur but in a shadowy room where Carlson's corpse, cocooned in Christmas lights and donning makeup, was mistaken for a setup for absurdist theatre. One member, somewhere before calling the cops, thought placing a crown on her head was the fitting farewell for their "Mother God", per the Dallas Observer.

Carlson's former kingdom operated like a demented cottage industry, live streaming their delusions and peddling potions to the gullible. Despite the grim nature of her passing, the cult's adherents prefer to say that she's staff shopping for a stellar go-kart in the afterlife. As "Mom", she channeled desire into demand, and she, as the variously accused enablers put it, "died for our sins," a notion that might be seen as starkly disturbing, as per Rolling Stone.