High Winds and Heavy Rainfall to Batter Southern New England, Risk of Coastal Flooding as Storm Strikes

High Winds and Heavy Rainfall to Batter Southern New England, Risk of Coastal Flooding as Storm StrikesSource: Unsplash/ Osman Rana
Mitch M. Rosenthal
Published on December 10, 2023

A looming storm is set to unleash high winds and heavy rainfall across southern New England from Sunday night into Monday, according to forecasts. The National Weather Service reports that the tempest, riding alongside a bracing cold front, could result in downpours that accumulate to 1-2 inches of rainfall, with the potential for heavier bursts leading to flooding in streets, though river overflows are not anticipated.

Sunday's outlook predicts rain after 1:00 p.m., accompanied by patchy fog and escalating south winds, which may reach gusts up to 28 mph. By nightfall, wind speeds are expected to surge, with gusts possibly topping 45 mph. Notably, the chance of precipitation during this period hits a certain 100%. Alongside coastal regions, notably Cape Cod and the Islands, wind speeds could intensify, reaching up to 60 mph in areas like Nantucket as the storm core moves through, according to The Boston Globe.

While the storm’s fury will focus heavily on rainfall and wind, another consequence could be coastal flooding at the time of Monday's high tide, albeit expected to cause minor disruptions. Snow is projected to be confined to northern regions, with Vermont, New Hampshire, and parts of western Maine preparing for a wintry mix, contingent upon the exact timing of colder air's arrival.

Post-storm conditions look vastly different as the week progresses, with the weather forecast predicting a shift towards drier, clear skies and seasonable temperatures. The NWS indicates that from Tuesday onward, residents can look forward to sunny days with highs in the 40s and crisp nights dipping into the 20s and 30s. Coastal areas may, however, continue to brace for the aftermath of strong winds in the storm's wake, and with such forceful gusts, power outages can not be ruled out during the storm’s peak intensity overnight into Monday.