Houston's Own JK Welding Forges Record-Setting 16-Foot Hex Nut, Proving Everything's Bigger in Texas

Houston's Own JK Welding Forges Record-Setting 16-Foot Hex Nut, Proving Everything's Bigger in Texas Source: Facebook/JK Welding
Jesse Hoffman
Published on December 05, 2023

HUMBLE, Texas, is on the cusp of claiming a rather oversized distinction as a local fastener company finalizes what's anticipated to be the world's largest hex nut, aptly dubbed "Big Tex: The Incredible Hex," set to break a record previously held by a competitor in Slovenia. This audacious engineering feat is coming together courtesy of the folks at JK Welding Company, with the official unveiling expected at Patriot Bolt and Fasteners in Humble.

According to a report by KSAT, the dimensions of this gargantuan nut span 16 feet from its flat sides, with a diagonal measurement reaching 18 feet, and despite the complexity of its construction—and the weather playing its part—it could be ready to greet the public by this Friday if all goes according to plan.

The vice president of sales at Patriot Bolt, Bryce Oliveira, shared in an interview with Fastener News Desk, "The nut is made from carbon steel tubing for the internal support, carbon steel sheet for the shell and threads" and that "the threads are actually functional (if you can find a bolt big enough)." All 4,400 pounds of the record-breaking hardware were crafted through both forming and welding at JK Welding in Cypress, just outside Houston.

Oliveira further detailed the genesis of the project, stating, "We have always admired the nut Packer Fastener built several years ago, during Covid, a company in Slovenia took the world record from Packer, we always joked that the world's largest hex nut cannot reside in Slovenia! Well that joke kept growing legs and we finally made the decision to build the largest hex nut right here in Houston." Oliveira confirmed their record-setting endeavor, explaining, "Yes, the nut will set the world record by a long shot!" showcasing not just a feat of manufacturing but also a dash of Texas pride.

The completed "Big Tex: The Incredible Hex" is to find a permanent home at Patriot Bolt and Fasteners, where it will undeniably become a local spectacle and, possibly for the more thrill-seeking tourists, a must-see peculiar attraction. The company is affirmatively opening its doors to the public to lay eyes on the nut that proves everything is bigger in Texas.